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No 1 Data Recovery Service Centre Singapore

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No. 1 Hard Disk Data Recovery Centre Singapore

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A Data Recovery Centre Singapore, You Can Trust!
We Leave no Data Behind!

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Best Data Recovery Singapore

In-Depth Data Recovery Skills & Reliable Data Recovery Services Centre Singapore

We Can Help You Get Your Data Back

Device types Recovery

Laptops Data Recovery

Phones Data Recovery

RAID and Server Data Recovery

Storage Devices Recovery

Portable Drives Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

Hard Drives Data Recovery

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How it works ?

Steps to get your data back


Keep Calm! Turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage.
Call us at +65-6817 6277 for free consultation.


Upon receive media, we will analysis it and provide a quotation to you with the types of problems and price within 1 business day.


Once you approve the fixed quote, we will be sent a data recovery contract to fill out and return. We will start recovery and update job's progress within 3 - 5 business day.


We will deliver the recovered data on an encrypted external hard drive.Simple instructions on how to access the recovered data will provided. Your data is back!

Brands that we supported successfully

Synology Data Recovery
Sandisk Data Recovery
Lenovo Data Recovery
Samsung Data Recovery

Let's hear from our customers

Patient with the explanation of problems arising from my compromised laptop after a live performance. They did what other data recovery centers (before I found them) failed to do, to give me a full recovery of my supposed “dead” laptop. Extremely happy with the level of technical expertise & customer service they provide, will definitely recommend anyone looking for a fix for their laptops.

LENERD 14/10/2022

Efficient and reliable service! Highly recommend to anyone! So glad my data on my SD card were retrievable.🙏🏼

ZAC CHAN 06/10/2022

Approached them when my iPhone 11 Pro Max reset itself. Managed to recover most of my precious data (mostly photos, videos and WhatsApp). Daniel from EHDR was helpful and constantly updated me throughout the process. Hope I wouldn’t be in a scenario where I have to engage their services again but if needed I would definitely return. Thanks!

Joseph Ng
JOSEPH NG 5/10/2022

Ever Higher Data Recovery saved me the heartache of losing my precious data by recovering all my data from my drowned Samsung S22 Ultra. I had the unfortunate incident of falling off the yacht and into the sea along with my handphone, which sank to the bottom of the shore. It was drowned for about 30 mins before we managed to find and retrieve the phone. As expected, the phone could not work. Diagnostics by Samsung service centre revealed servere water damage and corrosion from the salt water, which requires replacement of parts and factory reset. I almost lost hope, but EHDR was able to perform further diagnostic and ascertain that although the parts were severely corroded, the data chip did not appear damage. After about a week, they were successful in recovering all the data and placing it into a portable hard disk for me. All these for a fraction of the price other companies were quoting. I applaud the service staff for their skill, professionalism and patience, and ultimately saving all my precious memories. Thank You!! I definitely recommend all customers looking for data recovery options to consider engaging EHDR.

elvin edwin yio
ELVIN EDWIN YIO 18/09/2022

Seamless recovery and very satisfied with service … keep it up guys 👍🏻


Tried switching on my MacBook 1 day and the screen was just frozen after the log-in page. Brought it to fix at another service centre where the person advised me that my data was not recoverable and quoted $180 to reformat my Mac. As I really wanted to retrieve my data (and photos!), I found Ever Higher on Google and it’s as good as what other reviewers mentioned. Daniel was very professional and managed to recover all my data - updates were also prompt. Will highly recommend their service.

geraldine teo
GERALDINE TEO 27/08/2022

Bunch of lifesavers! Helped recovered 10 years of memories with their expertise! Totally glad they are here to save my day

WONG JIAN WEI 15/07/2022

Thank you for the AMAZING service from Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre (EHDR). We appreciate your help and support, especially to KC and Daniel. EHDR had successfully helped us recover data from an inaccessible NVMe 256GB Solid-State-Drive (SSD), an internal SSD used on a laptop that we could no longer start up Windows 10 with an error message: No bootable devices found. After the assessment, they found the mentioned SSD had degraded and faulty. They required chip-off for data recovery, and recovered data must be BitLocker decrypted to be readable. The recovery process was quick and fuss-free. Within a week, we received the external storage containing the recovered data. The best part was that KC is very knowledgeable, and Daniel was easily contactable via WhatsApp and highly responsive. It helped to ease our frustrations and helplessness a lot. The recovery process was truly fuss-free and effortless. Hence, sharing our experience to help other users ease their worries in the future should anyone encounter the problem of data recovery. In summary, EHDR is a champion in getting back the lost data no matter the device they are handling. They can do their magic on various devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, external hard drives, solid-state drives, network-attached storage, flash drive, and even SD cards. The team is best known for its expertise in data recovery with a high success rate compared to other service providers in Singapore. We highly recommend EHDR and highlight them: - One-stop data recovery solution for all your devices - Maintain data privacy - Trusted by several laptops and hard disk manufacturers - Have a fast turn-around time

Hard drive recovery
CHUN LONG TAN 29/06/2022

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