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No. 1 Hard Disk Data Recovery Centre Singapore

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A Data Recovery Centre Singapore, You Can Trust!
We Leave no Data Behind!

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Best Data Recovery Singapore

In-Depth Data Recovery Skills & Reliable Data Recovery Services Centre Singapore

We Can Help You Get Your Data Back

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How it works ?

Steps to get your data back


Keep Calm! Turn off your computer or storage device to minimize further damage.
Call us at +65-6817 6277 for a free consultation.


Upon receiving the media, we will analyze it and provide a quotation to you with the finding within 1 business day.


Once you approve the fixed quote, we will send a data recovery contract to fill out and return. We will start recovery and update the job's progress within 3 - 5 business days.


We will deliver the recovered data on an encrypted external hard drive. Simple instructions on how to access the recovered data will be provided. Your data is back!

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Synology Data Recovery
Sandisk Data Recovery
Lenovo Data Recovery
Samsung Data Recovery

Let's hear from our customers

Overall the service here is excellent. The staff here are prompt and efficient with their replies after sending a message of enquiry. I do like how they provided a detailed general assessment free of charge as to why my xiaomi phone is faulty. I would trust them if ever my phone has any issues and would approach them again.

Selina Lee
Selina Lee 19/04/2023

Very responsible data recovery personnel. Also respectful and polite in dealing with customers. Only upon complete recovery of data was I required to make any payment. Highly recommended for quality service!

Joshua Yang
Joshua Yang 25/03/2023

I contacted Ever Higher On Wednesday Last week as one of our user's laptop crashed and there was an issue with the back up. I got a detailed quote by the end of the day and was told upon acceptance it would take 5 to 7 days. I was blown away when they had it ready by Saturday (3 days). They managed to recover everything. Mr. Daniel was a great help and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Give these guys a try next time you have a data recovery need, very transparent about their prices and in my case, exceeded expectations. Thanks a lot for the great work guys, keep it up 🙂

Aayush Jhunjhnuwala
Aayush Jhunjhnuwala 27/02/2023

Sent my Seagate 5TB HD for a free diagnostic check with EverHigher Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd. The staff there (Daniel) who attended to me was very polite and explained carefully what they will be doing for the free service. Immediately the next day I got a call back to inform me of their assessment on my HD. I didn't proceed with them as the cost to recover was way beyond my initial budget (as it seems to be hardware failure) but given the experience so far, if I had another more critical data recovery incident, I will likely go back to them.

MT CH G69 24/02/2023

My iPhone 7 Plus crashed in September 2020 due to the infamous error 14.
I had many precious memories on that phone and it took a toll on me when it happened so suddenly. I had lost my beloved cat that year and the pictures were a great help to keep me going. I felt extremely helpless and depressed when I lost everything on my phone.

I went to at least 5 data recovery centers but none of them were able to retrieve my data.
Ever higher was one of the centres that I tried , they were unable to recover my data as well but told me to keep my phone aside without resetting it . They were the only ones who were polite and honest with me the entire time, unlike some other centers who told me my phone is good as gone.
EHDR was compassionate to me and very positive , they told me to wait for future technology to break through.

Earlier this year , I received a call from KC saying that they were now able to recover the data. I brought the phone over a few months later , and as usual they were polite and professional the entire time.
Within 4 days I got a reply from Daniel saying that the data recovery was 100% successful.
I simply could not believe it, and I was feeling very emotional.
Thank you so much once again for this miracle , I am so blessed to be able to have found good people like yourselves.
Definitely will recommend your services to anyone who is in need of data recovery 💯

Niroshini S
Niroshini S Niroshini S 25/01/2023

Great staff!! Visited to get my portable hardrives checked. They spent 20 minutes identifying the cable as the problem and refused any payment from myself.

Shea Warnes
Shea Warnes 13/01/2023

My 10 year old Toshiba hard disk had what I suspected was a failing read write head and I brought it to Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre for a diagnosis. They managed to recover the data on the faulty hard drive almost perfectly with a close to 100% recovery rate.

It was a very fair, straightforward and fuss free process. First, you drop off the hard disk for an evaluation at their office. Daniel took down the notes on the hard drive's physical state and it was done within 10 minutes. I was told that I only needed to pay if the recovery was successful.

After dropping the disk for evaluation, they will send you a quotation within a few days and the chances of recovery. The price was very reasonable.

Once you agree with the quotation, it just took another few days for the recovery process and you can view the data remotely or at the office before payment. They'll also help you copy the recovered contents into a hard drive that you provide or they can provide.

I highly recommend them for any data recovery needs!

Yun Heng
Yun Heng 07/01/2023

My m2 ssd got overheated and was unable to be read by my PC. I was super stressed out troubleshooting and worrying about the lost important data. I went around searching for services in SG and most of them are super expensive. But thankfully after prior diagnosis, Ever Higher gave me one of the better prices around. The data recovery was pretty quick! And luckily they were able salvage it all.

One thing to note, make sure you standby an EMPTY hard disk beforehand so you can immediately have them transfer and save a trip down. Also, back up your data diligently... You'll never know when your disk will decide to stop working...

Koh Chen Pin
Koh Chen Pin 08/12/2022

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