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You may count your data on us!

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Best Data Recovery Singapore

In-Depth Data Recovery Skills & Reliable Data Recovery Services Centre Singapore

Get your data back with our reliable data recovery services in Singapore

As a leading data recovery centre in Singapore, Ever Higher understands that losing valuable data can be a distressing experience. Thus, we seek to alleviate your concerns and provide top-notch solutions to recover your data swiftly and securely. With years of experience in the field, cutting-edge technology, and a team of highly skilled professionals, we specialise in retrieving lost data from a variety of devices and storage media – whether that is a hard disk drive, mobile phone, SD card or even digital files. Be it accidental deletion, hardware malfunction, of software issues, trust Ever Higher’s data recovery services to navigate through the complexities of lost data and elevate your expectations.

How does a data recovery service work?

Steps to recover your data


Remain Calm! Switch off your computer or storage device to prevent more harm. Reach us at +65-6817 6277 to schedule a no-cost consultation.


Upon receiving the media, we will analyse it and provide a quotation to you with the finding within 1 business day.


Once you approve the fixed quote. We will then start the data recovery process and will update you on the job's status within 3 - 5 business days.


The recovered data will be sent to you on an external hard disc. There will be clear instructions on how to retrieve the restored data. Your data is back!

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Our reputation for excellence as a leading data recovery centre has earned the trust of various industry-leading manufacturers. Our proven track record in recovering critical data from various devices and storage media has positioned us as the preferred partner for renowned companies.
Synology Data Recovery
Sandisk Data Recovery
Lenovo Data Recovery
Samsung Data Recovery

Let’s hear from our customers

At Ever Higher, our commitment to providing exceptional data recovery services in Singapore is reflected in the experiences of those we have had the privilege to serve. Check out our customer testimonials to learn how choosing our data recovery service can help you when data loss strikes.
Sem Chin
Sem Chin
10 June 2024
Thank you Daniel, Raudha and team for their professional services and friendly demeanor! Came to EHR for data recovery and happy to say that they've managed to recover all my data with my file management and organiser left intact. Some places might recover the data but dump them all in one folder and you'd have to reorganise it yourself! Thank you guys!
28 May 2024
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff at Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre for helping me retrieve precious family photos and videos from my damaged phone. Thanks to their expertise, I was able to recover all my media files within eight days. Hurray! Ms Siti Raudha, Kok Choon, and Daniel at Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre were incredibly helpful, professional, and meticulous in their service. My Samsung phone was severely damaged on 16 May 2024, and unfortunately, I had not backed up the irreplaceable family photos and videos stored exclusively on the device. I purchased a new phone from a Samsung Store nearby and sought help retrieving the media files from the damaged phone. The staff informed me that the phone was damaged beyond repair and that accessing the media files was impossible. I received the same response from several phone repair shops. Undeterred, I continued my search, trying my luck with store after store. Despite numerous setbacks, my perseverance eventually paid off. A customer service officer from another Samsung Store kindly explained that all the data on my phone would be erased if any repair attempts were made. She went the extra mile to advise me to contact a Data Recovery Centre, which might be able to assist me in retrieving the data. I greatly appreciate her advice, as I was unaware that specialised data recovery stores existed—exactly what I needed. Thanks to her guidance and the expertise of Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre, I was able to recover all my precious photos and videos from the damaged phone within eight days. Hurray!
Carolin Ralser
Carolin Ralser
23 May 2024
I am highly satisfied with the data recovery service provided by EHDRC. All my questions were answered promptly, professionally and with a lot of patience by Siti Raudha. They managed to retrieve my data from my lifeless phone, which I had brought to two repair shops prior to my visit to EHDRC. Photos, videos, documents – everything was restored flawlessly. Not only did Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre save my valuable data, but they also saved me from a considerable amount of stress and worry. Their efficiency and reliability were beyond my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of data recovery. Thank you, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre, for your exceptional work and for going above and beyond to retrieve my precious memories.
Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey
18 May 2024
My experience was really good through out the recovery process.Team is responsive and helped with my all queries. Given 2TB Seagate hard drive for recovery Took 7 days to receive recovered data Total paid 1206 sgd
Beng Seng Chan
Beng Seng Chan
16 May 2024
Good service. Clear responses to my queries. Got most of my data recovered though not all.
Adelia Kurnia
Adelia Kurnia
13 May 2024
Accidentally deleted the files in my external hard drive. Raudha assisted me with the recovery. Very prompt and responsive service. Just picked up the new hard drive with the recovered datas. Will recommend
tham gy
tham gy
30 April 2024
The service provided here is top class, not only are their professionals masterful at their technical skillsets, the services provided are amazing. Highly recommend their services!
Sarah Shaheeda Mohd Shariff
Sarah Shaheeda Mohd Shariff
26 April 2024
Thumb drive got bended and cldnt access to all the information Thank you for being able to retrieve all the info for me. Life saver
Yong Boon Tan
Yong Boon Tan
11 April 2024
Daniel has been incredibly helpful and professional when it comes to identifying and resolving the data issues. He has been very patient in explaining the issue and providing me with different options to resolve it. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their services, especially Daniel, in helping me to retrieve my data from my hard disk. Highly recommended if you need professional help to resolve your data issue.

Worry to Lost your data? 

We'll help you recover back your data. Fast and Qualitatively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Schedule an appointment with a data recovery centre.
2. Register a case ID.
3. Receive a complimentary assessment service to evaluate the condition of the drive.
4. Obtain official results, including findings, complexity level, time frame needed and official quotation.
5. Consider data recovery service.

The cost of a data recovery service varies based on the device type and complexity. An authorised data recovery facility will often help customers diagnose their damaged devices in order to determine the state of the device and its likelihood of recovery. If recovery is feasible, you'll get an update on the condition of your device. As technologies advance, all drive models come with their uniqueness, leading to varying complexity levels. You may message your selected data recovery centre in Singapore and provide them with your device model and capacity information so that they can provide you with the range of recovery fees based on their past experiences and cases.

On average, the process takes about 7 business days. Some situations may require a longer duration. This information will also be stated in the assessment result.

Yes, standard assessment does not carry any charges.

Several factors contribute to the cost of data recovery services:
1. Facilities and infrastructure: To recover data from a damaged hard disk drive (HDD), a cleanroom, appropriate equipment, donors, tools, and data recovery specialist are needed to identify the most suitable recovery method.
2. Data privacy protocol: Authorised recover centres need to invest in training their teams to handle data responsibly, including proper device disposal if required.
3. Research and development: Keeping up with evolving technology demands continuous investment in knowledge, tools, and technologies for recovery specialists to stay up to date and maintain a high success rate and data recovery effectiveness.

Choosing a reputable and official data recovery centre is essential for safety. These centres have trained teams who will keep your data safe and not disclose it to any other third parties. Legal exceptions apply.

All types of storage devices may be recovered. This would include SSD, HDD, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Cassette, CD, DVD, VCD, LTO Tape, SD Card, Micro SD Card, CF Card, CFast Card, CFexpress Card, Tape, Laptop, Desktop, NAS, PC, Server, other types of devices.

The answer is yes and no. Usually, it depends on the platter or NAND flash condition. Clients can verify the recovered data during a data-checking session after recovery to ensure accuracy.

Expedited service options are available. You may request for this by getting in touch with our customer representative.

Over 90% of cases yield successful recovery, as long as the data is not tempered by any third-party service providers. The estimated success rate will be stated in the assessment result as well.

DIY data recovery is discouraged because mishandling could lead to permanent data loss. Instead, seek the help of professional data recovery services in Singapore.
Are there any hidden costs in data recovery services?
The exact recovery fee is detailed in the official quotation, and no additional surcharge will apply.

The exact recovery fee will be stated in the official quotation, and no surcharge will apply.

Yes, hard disk recovery is still possible. It depends on the types of error and severity level.

There is no best data recovery method; there is only the best suited method according to the device’s condition.