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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV, which known as a surveillance system existed in our daily life. You will see it on the streets, premises, office, homes even mall. It helps us to feel safe and secure. It needed amount business and consumers to boost security. As the technology advances, it is now transformed and digitalize which is now what we call, Direct Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder(NVR). It makes the system user-friendly and simple to use. Not only that, it can also remote viewing all recorded video as long as network available.


Storage and files system

To increase the effectiveness of saving recorded video, different recorder will record video differently, even applying a RAID system to store all recorded video which help to increase capacity. Besides, all recorders come with a unique file system which will affect their performance. Certain recorder will save the video into small pieces without any extension, if it is done through this way, the user will not be able to see any video without properly generated.


Data Recovery

For data recovery, it is crucial to understand the drive file system structure. It is important to have a specialist equipped with this knowledge as it will need them to manually recover and accumulate all retrieved information and decode it into a viewable video for the client. Imaging, if a recorder malfunction and you do not have a proper channel to render the whole video which recorded in small pieces without any extension. You will not be able to see the video without understand how the device works. (Ps: Your storage media, which show that the storage is fully utilized but does not have any video)

If you ever meet any situation such as physically damaged, video in accessible, failed to export from your recorder, no to panic. Look for us, contact us and EHDR will advise accordingly.


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