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Endpoint Inspector in-depth analysis of computer storage to reveal user actions and surface leads. With advanced searching and filtering capabilities, Endpoint Inspector is the best in class analysis tool for computer data.

Using Endpoint Inspector (soon to be relaunched as Inspector), investigators can analyze data on digital devices with the following advantages:

      • Analyze the evidence you see most often: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
      • Easy to navigate and locate key artifacts to find and follow leads. Actionable intel allows you to quickly locate multimedia, communications, and download information. Combines similar, relevant data from multiple locations and across multiple devices.
      • Examiners can verify the results quickly if needed down to the raw data on the device.
      • Review device history from Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies, Apple Time machine, and Snapshots.
      • Built-in features for Windows Registry and Memory Analysis, to image categorization and Full Disk Encryption.
      • Automatically parse artifacts like account information, recent documents, downloads, recycle bin/trash, USB connections, and more with visibility to direct how and where the data is extracted from disk.

Mac Support

  • Supports the latest systems including T2 chip, Fusion, and encrypted devices
  • Review history in APFS Snapshots and Time Machine backups
  • Display and Search Spotlight metadata
  • Review network connections, recent documents, user activity and more

Windows Support

  • Review device history from Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies
  • Built-in Windows Memory and Windows Registry analysis
  • Automatically parse account information, recent documents, downloads, recycle bin, USB connections, and more

UFED iOS and Android Extraction Support

  • Easily view message conversations
  • View location data information for pictures
  • Report on all device messages, applications, or contacts with simple report options
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