Digital Intelligence Solutions: UFED CLOUD

UFED Cloud allows investigators to easily search, filter, and sort data to identify suspects, victims, locations swiftly, all within legal boundaries. Huge volumes of public- and private-domain, social-media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content can be collected, preserved and analyzed to produce the critical digital evidence you need.

Gather Social and Cloud-Based Data Easily

Move beyond the examination of physical devices to tap into new evidence sources hiding in social media and private, cloud-based data archives with Cellebrite UFED Cloud.

  • Display and Search Spotlight metadata
  • Review network connections, recent documents, user activity and more

Fulfill Requests for Cloud-Based Private Data

Gather private user data with appropriate legal authority from over 50 of the most popular social media and cloud-based sources. Use login credentials provided by the subject, collected from digital devices or PCs, retrieved from personal files, or via other discovery means to gain access to time-sensitive evidence.

  • Automatically parse account information, recent documents, downloads, recycle bin, USB connections, and more

Capture and Review Public Data

Easily access, view and incorporate publicly available data into your investigations including location information, profiles, images, files and social communications from popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visualize Data in a Unified Format

Normalize different cloud data sources in a unified view to analyze them by Timeline, File Thumbnails, Contacts or Maps formats. Search, filter and sort available data across platforms.

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How They Work

The market-leading solution for the quick and comprehensive analysis of macOS and Windows computer volumes.


A powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection, for Windows and Mac computers.


Collect, preserve and analyze public and private-domain, social-media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content.


From encrypted data to actionable intelligence, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer helps your forensic lab to uncover digital evidence and create court-ready exhibits.


Access and collect data from the widest range of digital devices.


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