1TB Western Digital

WD10EZEX-21M2NA0 Data Recovery

3.5" 1TB Western Digital - WD10EZEX-21M2NA0

Initial Cause of Data Loss

A customer contacted us to diagnose his 1TB Western Digital - WD10EZEX-21M2NA0 internal hard disk.  It is an old hard drive that has been used many years ago on his PC. He never really shut down the PC for a long time and a few days ago there’s a windows update and after the update, he restarted the computer. After the update, the PC failed to boot up anymore, it prompts that computer cannot detect the HDD and no storage device found. He restarted the computer for a few times and re-plug the SATA cable, but it is still the same. He brought the computer to a computer for checking and they mentioned the PC is working and it is the hard disk problem. They changed a new hard disk for him, and the PC is working well. He has a lot of working documents in the faulty hard disk.

HDD Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialist checked through the hard drive, it spins up successfully, and no clicking or beeping noise. The drive is not detectable by the recovery machine. The read/write heads are faulty and not able to access the data sectors properly. Based on the condition of the drive, data recovery is still possible. After the confirmation with our client, we proceed with the recovery of the hard drive.

Data Recovery Outcome

Our data recovery specialist managed to recover the data from this hard drive. We transferred the recovered data to a new hard drive for him. He checked through all the data and was happy with the result of the recovery.


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