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NAS Recovery


Case description:

A customer came to EHDR with a 2-bay NAS machine. It consist of two 6TB Western Digital external hard disk that need data recovery services. The NAS machine was setup as RAID 1 mirror system and one of the hard drive has been broken down for some time, but haven’t been replaced, she planned to change it but too late. The other drive failed before she manage to change it. All data couldn’t access at all.

Action (Solution):

All details ware registered under our system before we proceed with the assessment for both drives. During the assessment, our recovery specialist confirmed that both drives were facing hardware failure. It is caused by the mechanical component of hard disk drive - read/write heads of both drives were faulty and recovery of data needs to be done in cleanroom lab. Due to RAID 1 mirror system setup, we might be able to recover data from either 1 of the hard disk drive. Our recovery specialist further assesses both hard disk drives in our cleanroom to check the condition of the platter and recover. Fortunately, the platter of her drive is still maintained in good condition during the read/write head failure. Based on the condition of the hard drive, we estimated the success rate to recover the data from her drive will be higher.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from her NAS. We perform a RAID 1 system setup for her new NAS and transfer all the recovered data into it. She was happy with the result of the data recovery.


For a RAID 1 mirror system NAS system, if one of the drives is faulty, it’s recommended to replace the faulty hard drive immediately to avoid data loss if another drive also failed. Feel free to reach us here if you need advice regards to your NAS failure.

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