Android Phone Recovery- Samsung S9 Plus

Android Phone Recovery-Samsung S9 Plus

Case description:

A customer came to us with a Samsung Galaxy S9 for data recovery. The phone was working fine previously until strange issue occurs. The phone temperature is abnormally high, the user tried to turn off the phone and power on again and seems find. But after a while, the problem reoccurs again. Subsequently, he turned off the phone for one day as he thought that the phone problem can be solved by letting it rest for a day. As a result, the phone situation became worse. It cannot even power up on the next day. He tried to connect his phone to charger still but there is no sign of responding. There are important data stored in this device such as contacts, photo, videos, and whatsapp chat. No data backup done before this error.  Hence he has been looking for a data recovery centre.

Android phone Recovery

Action (Solution):

Case ID create for this customer for assessment. While we connect the phone to our recovery machine, the current was detected by the phone. By getting the permission from the user, Our engineer tear down the phone for further diagnosis. Our recovery specialist identified the issue of the phone and conclude that hardware failure causing the phone to overheat. Our engineer carefully checked through all crucial chips, no damage found, and data recovery is possible. A Chip off recovery require for data extraction.


The Outcome:

Our recovery specialist manages to retrieve most of the data. Not only photo and video, but also all chat data. An arrangement was made for data checking purposes. Customer checked out the data and he is satisfied with the outcome of this recovery.



If you have a faulty phone and require data recovery services, please do not change the motherboard of the phone as your data is stored on the chips that seal on it. Reach any authorise recovery centre or contact us for further advice to maximize the chances of recovery. Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre, we left no data behind!

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