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Case description:

A customer engaged us to diagnose for his iPhone 8. He bought a new iPhone, and he did a data transfer from his old iPhone 8 to his new iPhone 12. The transfer was successful, and all the data were transferred over from iPhone 8 to the new iPhone 12. He double checked the data, and all the data are complete. It was fine for 3 days, but on the fourth day after the transfer, he realized the photo and videos on his iPhone 12 are gone. Initially, he has around 4000+ photos and videos, but now only left around 32 images. He checked his old iPhone 8 and realize the photos and videos were gone as well, left also only 32 images, he checked the recycle bin of both iPhones, but they are both empty. He went to the apple support and check if manage to recover the missing photos and videos and trying to find out what could cause this. He mentioned apple support could not confirm what caused his photos and videos to be gone, but suspect could be the setting and some issue during the transfer. They recommended him to look for professional recovery services to recover the data.

Action (Solution):

After the confirmation, EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to a check for the iPhone. The iPhone 8 itself is working fine, other than the battery are degraded, all other hardware is in good condition. EHDR’s recovery specialist connected the phone to our data recovery tools and perform a data extraction or data dumping from the iPhone 8 try to retrieve the missing data. EHDR’s data recovery specialist manages to detect data in the data sectors of the iPhone 8. We did a clone for the iPhone 8 for data recovery purposes, we will work on the cloned image of iPhone 8 so the original device will remain the same condition. If the first attempt failed, we will still be able to try for the second time. We extracted all the data from the data sectors of the iPhone 8. Data were saved to a new hard drive for checking later.

The Outcome

Based on the outcome of the recovery, over 3000 of photos and videos were recovered. Our client checked the data and mentioned that the missing photos and videos were recovered, and the videos are still playable.


If you have issues with your storage devices, try not to use any online software to recover the data as it might cause the data from the devices to be overwritten or loss. It will further reduce the chances of recovery. Contact us, EHDR.

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