ASUS Android Phone Recovery (Water Damaged)

ASUS Android Phone Recovered

Case description:

We received a call from our client mentioned that her phone failure due to water damage. Ever since then, the phone cannot boot up and not respond to any button at all. Our client has all precious data stored in this phone and hoping that the data can be salvaged. Subsequently, client bring this phone down to Ever Higher Recovery Centre and we provide assessment services before recovery.



Advantage of this Case:

It was just happening few days ago. The client does not attempt to repair or troubleshoot with a solution that provided online. The chips of the phone are maintained in its original condition or stage for recovery.



Action taken by Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist:

Our data recovery specialist tries to diagnose and access the phone at the first stage without dismantling the phone. It was failed. Our recovery machine unable to verity the ID of the NAND chips and cannot access into it. After few rounds of checking, we can confirmed that the failure related to motherboard, it causes data unable to access. Assessment is stopped at this level because it requires to tear off the chips and component, it needs user permission in order to continue with this process. After we get the acknowledgement from the client. Our recovery specialist continues the process. Many parts had ordered for this recovery service to identify the condition of each component before we access the data. As the recovery process takes longer than expected time frame, the client allows up to continue this recovery process.


The Positive Outcome

The first attempt when our recovery specialist tries to access data through crucial component,  the NAND flash drive is still undetectable. According to the experience of Recovery Specialist, they decide to re-do the whole critical process again. Finally, Ever Higher Recovery Specialist manages to detect the chips and access into it. With all precious data retrieved. Our client came to our centre and verify all of the data. Is a successful recovery!


The Lesson

We are now in a digital world and phone is now owned by many people. Please do not repair or troubleshoot it without any proper advice. If the main concern is about the data instead of repair, make sure you seek for advice from appropriate recovery centre  It may increase the success rate of recovery.

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