Buffalo NAS Recovery- Failed to Power Up

Success Stories: Buffalo NAS Recovery

Buffalo NAS Recovery

Users are confronted with an inaccessible NAS, specifically a Buffalo device. The office environment has experienced intermittent power disruptions, and upon attempting to access the Buffalo, it becomes evident that the device refuses to power on. Not only does it exhibit a conspicuous absence of display, but it remains unresponsive to any attempts at activation. The user admits to a lack of clarity regarding the RAID system employed by Buffalo. He hopes to retrieve crucial data comprising documents, photos, and videos stored within the unresponsive NAS.

Buffalo NAS Recovery

Upon entrusting the unresponsive NAS to a team of recovery specialists, a comprehensive examination revealed critical insights into its internal components. The hard disk drive (HDD) status unveiled a mixed picture, with Disk 1, Disk 2, and Disk 3 each registering as healthy. However, a concerning anomaly surfaced with Disk 4, which exhibited a % degraded state. Notably, the NAS was configured with a RAID 5 setup, prompting the recovery specialists to recommend a recovery operation utilising the healthy Disk 1, Disk 2, and Disk 3. This strategic approach aims to mitigate potential data loss by capitalising on the integrity of most of the disks within the RAID configuration.

Data Recovery Outcome

The data retrieval mission is successfully completed. The invaluable files, including documents, photos, and videos, were successfully recovered from the RAID 5 configuration, utilising the healthy Disk 1, Disk 2, and Disk 3. As a testament to the adaptability of modern technology, an online remote checking session was promptly arranged to ensure the integrity and completeness of the recovered data. Subsequently, with the assurance of data authenticity, the user accepts the recovered data and transfers it into a dedicated backup drive.


Considering reputable data recovery services in Singapore is imperative for those grappling with similar challenges, especially in hard disk recovery. The collaborative efforts of these specialists ensured the seamless extraction and transfer of data, a process that culminated in establishing a robust backup on a recognisable drive. Feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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