Buffalo NAS Recovery

4 Bays HDD RAID 5

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for their Buffalo NAS, 4x Toshiba 1TB hard disk. The Buffalo NAS was used in their office as data storage device. This NAS was working fine until last week, it was shut off for a few times due to power failure in their organization. As a result,
when they boot up the NAS, it cannot access anymore. Originally, they tried to restart the NAS but it still remains the same. In order to identify the cause, they tried to run a diagnostic and found that it only manages to detect 2 drives. Drive failure cause by the missing RAID structure.

Action (Solution):

Whole NAS sent to our Singapore data recovery centre, our specialist diagnoses all these hard drives. Two hard drive's health has dropped due to the faulty r/w heads. Data sectors of these hard disks are inaccessible. The RAID recovery process will take more time as compared to normal hard drive. Upon service acknowledgement, we start the recovery by replacing the faulty read/write heads in cleanroom for data extraction purposes. All the hard disks were cloned for data recovery purposes to preserve the condition of the original source of data in case if the extraction fails. As the owner to the NAS cannot recall what RAID system used in this Buffalo NAS, we assisted to analyze and confirm the RAID system for reconstruction upon data extract successfully.  

The Outcome

We manage to recover the data from this NAS with proper folder structure. In short, customer found the data that needed and data accepted.


What to do If your NAS is inaccessible? Firstly, follow the guideline that provided by the official website. If it is still inaccessible, power off your device and do not continuously restart the NAS to avoid further damage and causes data loss.

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