Buffalo TeraStation HDD Offiline- TS-X8.0TL/R5

Buffalo TeraStation's HDD offline- TS-X8.0TL/R5

16 June 2022 – Buffalo NAS

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data for his Buffalo NAS – 4 bay – 4x 2TB hard drives. It is a very old Buffalo NAS - TS-X8.0TL/R5. It stopped working 2 weeks ago, when he checked on Buffalo NAS, it prompts that the hard drive two was offline. He was thinking the hard disk two should be faulty and he bought another 2TB hard drive and replaced the hard drive 2, but after replacement, the NAS is still inaccessible. He tried to restart the Buffalo NAS and it is still the same. He wasn’t sure if it was RAID 5 or RAID 6 setup, but if RAID 5, it should be able to tolerate one drive failure and the Buffalo NAS should be accessible still.

Action (Solution):

EHDR data recovery specialist checked through all four hard drives and the NAS. Two hard drives were faulty, hard drive 2 and hard drive 3. One of them has been down for months or years ago. It was operating on three hard drive all the time, and recently one of the hard drives are faulty again and it makes the NAS inaccessible. Our data recovery specialist proceeds to recover the data from hard disks 2 and 3 in the cleanroom and the other two hard drives were cloned for data recovery. All the recovery work was done on the cloned drive. The purpose of this process is]to maintain the condition of the original drive if the recovery goes wrong.

The Outcome

Our recovery specialist manages to identify the RAID structure and all data was recovered successfully. He checked through the data and was satisfied with the outcome.


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