Cannot Access External Hard Drive

Hard Drive Clicking

3 March 2022 – Seagate 5TB

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose his 2.5” 5TB Seagate external hard drive -ST5000LM000. The Seagate hard drive was used for data storage, it stopped working 2 weeks ago when he connects to the computer, the computer cannot detect it and there is a clicking noise encountered. He tried to reconnect the drive, but it is still the same. The hard drive was never dropped before, and it is quite a new drive. He stopped trying as he worries that it might cause further damage to the hard drive. It has a lot of working files, and photo and video files on the drive that needs to be recovered.

Action (Solution):

Our Singapore EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeded with the diagnosis. The read/write heads of the drive were faulty, and it cause the clicking noise. However, the platter's condition remains in a good condition, with no damage found on the surface of the platter. Even though the faulty read-write heads cause the clicking noise, it does not damage the platter’s surface. The platters are in good condition and recovery is possible.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful. We manage to access the data and recover the data from this hard drive. The data were then transferred to a new 5TB external hard disk for him. He checked through all the recovered data and was happy with the result of the recovery.


If you have a faulty hard drive and you require data recovery services, do not try to access it forcefully as it may worsen the condition of the drive and reduce the chances of recovery. Please feel free to contact us for a free diagnosis.

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