Cannot Access NAS On Network

Cannot Connect to NAS

20 May 2021

Case description:

A customer came to our recovery center to diagnose his Network Attached Storage- NAS with 2 bay 1TB Western Digital 3.5” hard drive. The D-link NAS was working fine until two weeks ago, when he tries to access the data on the NAS, it is inaccessible. The lights are blinking but unable to access any data on the NAS. He waited for around 10 minutes and was still undetectable by the computer and there is a burnt smell from the device.

He took out the HDD from the NAS and tried to check to see if there were any burn marks, but from the device, it seems ok, and the burnt smell is from one of the hard drives. The NAS was set up with a RAID 1 system, even if one of the hard drives failed, the other should be still accessible. He suspected both hard drives should be faulty.

Action (Solution):

We proceed with the diagnosis after the registration. Our recovery specialist checked through both hard drives. The first hard drive was burnt, and the second hard drive was not, but the second hard drive is also inaccessible due to the file system being corrupted. We checked through the drive, the hardware component is in good condition and data recovery can be done on a software level. After the confirmation service with our client, we proceed with the recovery with the second drive, the recovered data were extracted to a new hard disk.  

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we managed to recover the data from all the Western Digital hard drives. Our client checked the data and confirmed that all the data are complete and fully recovered.   


If you have a faulty NAS or any other storage devices, please feel free to contact us for diagnosis and data recovery services.

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