Disabled Iphone Recovery

Apple iPhone 6

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data for his Apple iPhone 6 – 128GB. It is an old iPhone, she had gotten a new phone but have not transferred the data from the iPhone to her new phone yet. Everything worked fine until last week, when she tries to unlock the phone, but she realized the phone is trying to perform unlock by itself, even when she did not touch on the screen, but the phone keep inserting the wrong passcode. She thought it might be the old screen protector issue and she tried to remove the screen protector and try again, but it does not help and still not responding to her touch. The phone keeps on entering the wrong key whenever she lit up the screen until too many wrong entries and the iPhone was disabled. The iPhone contains 3 years of data and they are very important data for her.

Action (Solution):

After the confirmation, Singapore data recovery specialist proceeds to check for her iPhone 6. The iPhone was able to power up, but it was stuck at the disabled mode, but the phone keeps on performing touch by itself as it went into emergency call sometimes.  Our data recovery specialist proceeds to check through the hardware of the phone and there are some issues with the hardware causing the phone to be abnormal. FIrmware level recovery require for this recovery. After the confirmation, data recovery specialist fixed the firmware and try to unlock the data within the chip and manage to retrieve the data from this iPhone.

The Outcome

We contacted the customer to come to our center to check the data and she mentioned the data are complete.  


If you have similar issues as above, feel free to reach us, a Singapore data recovery centre. Even though the success rate is low, but we will never give up if you do not give up on your data. 

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