iMac Cannot Power On

iMac Cannot Boot Up

20 January 2022 – iMac

Case description:

A customer contacted us to check on his iMac A1418. The iMac failed 2 months ago, when he powered on the iMac, he is unable to boot into the macOS. The iMac can power up but there’s an error and unable load the operating system properly. He has been using the iMac for many years, it is working fine and had no issue until 2 months ago, the iMac suddenly becomes extremely slow and hung when he is using it. After that he tried to reboot the iMac then it is not bootable after that. He has a lot of photos, working documents, and records that need to be recovered. He sent it to Apple Centre, and they mentioned the iMac is working fine but the storage device is faulty.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist dismantles the iMac to remove the hard drive from the iMac. It’s an HGST 2.5” 1TB HTS541010A9E662 hard drive. The iMac is not using any SSD fusion drive. The HDD is detectable but inaccessible. It takes a very long time to load and eventually it will hang. This is due to the read-write heads of the drive being faulty and unable to access the information from the disk platters normally. But overall, the condition of the drive is in a good condition. No clicking or beeping noise from the hard drive.

The Outcome

The recovery finished within a week and data recovery was successful, we saved the data into a new hard drive for him. He is very happy with the result of the recovery, all the working files and photos were readable.


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