Formatted Apple Tablet Data Recovery

Formatted Apple Tablets Data Recovery

Case description:

A customer reached us to recover data from her Apple iPad Mini- A1980-512GB. She was using the iPad as usual, but one day she suddenly ran into a problem with her iPad asking her to go to the setting and log in to the apple ID but when she entered the Apple ID and password, it prompted an incorrect password. She connected the iPad to her iMac, but there are some errors encountered, it prompted two option “Restore and Update” or “update”. She clicked on the “restored and update” but this causes her iMac to be reset and all the user data are gone. She was not aware that clicking “restore and update would cause the iPad to reset and loss the data. She needs the data inside her iPad for her university assignment. 

Action (Solution):

After the confirmation, EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to check for her iPad. The hardware of the iPad itself is working fine, hardware is in good condition. EHDR’s recovery specialist connected the iPad to our data recovery tools and perform a data dumping to try to retrieve the missing data after the restore. EHDR’s data recovery specialist manages to detect data in the data sectors of the iPad. We did a clone for the iPad for data recovery purposes, we will work on the cloned image of iPad so the original device will remain the same condition. If the first attempt failed, we will still be able to try for the second time. We extracted all the data from the data sectors of the iPad. Data was saved to a new hard drive for checking later. 

The Outcome

Based on the outcome of the recovery, we managed to recover documents, photo, and video file from the iPad. Our client checked the data and mentioned that not all the data were recovered, but quite a lot of useful data were recovered.


For devices that has been reset, data recovery might not be 100%, but there might still have a chance to recover some of the data from the device if you do not write in any new data after the reset.  EHDR will always look for alternative solution for each of the cases, read our success stories and please do not hesitate to contact us if anything.


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