Fujitsu Laptop Recovery- IDE Internal HDD

IDE Internal Hard Disk Drive Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for her Lifebook laptop. It was a very old Fujitsu laptop which is more than 10 years. The laptop has not been used for many years, and they kept it in their storeroom. Recently, she tidied up her storeroom and wanted to clean and dispose this laptop. She tried to power on the laptop and hope to backup all data before disposal. She tried to power up this laptop and there is light blinking, but the screen is blank, nothing shows up on the screen. She attempted to restart the whole laptop for a few times, the situation remained the same. There are some data on the laptop that she wanted to retrieve especially photos and videos.

Action (Solution):

After communicating with her, the laptop is sent to our Singapore data recovery centre for assessment. Our recovery specialist checked through the laptop and concluded that IDE internal hard drive is used by this laptop. During the assessment, there are signs of water damaged. We remove the hard disk for further diagnosis. The hard disk spin and recovery tools manage to detect the drive. The mechanical component of this hard disk is degraded but still detectable, but user data sectors were inaccessible. Software level recovery applies to this case.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from the hard drive. The data were transferred to a new external hard drive for our client and the old hard drive should not be used.


When your drive is aging and unable to access your information, do the right thing without forcing the degraded mechanical component to read your data. There are cases that unable to recover due to the seriousness of damaged HDD platter which is caused by human error. Feel free to contact us, our data recovery officer will assist accordingly.

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