Hitachi 500GB 2.5 Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

We had just received a new case on Hitachi 500GB 2.5 hard disk from a customer, according to customer say this HDD was inserted in the laptop for boost OS, but now the laptop was unable to boost up after encountering sudden shutdown. And customer was quite anxious as all the document inside the hard disk was very important, so she found our data recovery service from Google, she approaches for our help to recover her data back.

Hitachi 2.5 Hard Disk 2TB Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher

Hitachi 2.5 Hard Disk 2TB Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher

As usual, when the customer brought her laptop to our data recovery center, our data recovery specialist double checks the pc, make sure everything was fine before he performs the diagnosis test on the laptop.

After checking everything was ok, our data recovery specialist tries to open the laptop, and the screen shows the bootable hard disk was not found, he suspects the hard disk itself got system or firmware corrupted, so need to open the cover to take up the hard disk and check.

Hitachi 2.5 Hard Disk 2TB Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher

Upon taking out the hard disk. Our data recovery specialist connects the hard disk to one of our recovery tools, and perform a read/write head test, and found out one of the heads 3 is not working, so need to do a replacement of the head 3. Upon finished replacement, our data recovery specialist performs the head test again to make sure the head is proper to replace and is reachable.

After finding out everything is fine, our data recovery specialist starts the cloning process, from the picture we can see that the data had achieved up 100% recovery rate, which means all the data manage to find.

Hitachi 2.5 Hard Disk 2TB Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher

The customer was very impressed by our data recovery rate and willing to recommend our data recovery center to her friends

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