Hitachi Desktop PC Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi Desktop PC Hard Disk Drive

Recently we receive a hard disk from one of our anxious customer to seek our assistant to retrieve the important data from his desktop PC physical hardware failure hard disk. He have seek from several data recovery service to get his hard disk repair and without any success to get back his important data.

Our data recovery specialist has access the entire hard disk and realize the hard disk ribbon was pulled out and the hard drive body have been replace as well.

There is no way to solder it back and the condition of the hard disk look as per above. Our data recovery specialists advice our customers, the only possible way that we can help him to get all the recover all the data back is to take out the platter and put it into a new hard disk body.

Ever Higher have stock up more than 20,000 hard disk and we manage to get a compatible hard disk from our thousands of donor drives inventory.

After get the right hard drive body, is time for us to operate and we are going to transfer user’s hard disk platter to this new body. Sound Cool?

We open the disk and remove head stack assembly (HSA) first . There are consists of read/write heads and disc platters

After the data recovery engineer’s 30 mins work in the clean room, the platters look comfortable in the new body. Is time to move the data recovery services to entire stage 2 of the process.

After data recovery surgery, let’s connect the “new” disk to our MRT Data Recovery Tool, and test Hard Disk heads to ensure it manage to reach by our hard disk recover tools.

Wow! Amazing!!!
The hard drive heads are fully functioning now. Let's see our data recovery specialists Magic.

All the documents can be readable and we manage to recover 99% of the data for our Customer. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.


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