Hitachi External Hard Disk Decryption

Hitachi External Hard Drive Data Recovery From Encrypted Disk

We have receive a call from one of our customers regard his external hard drive able detected by all his computer and laptop devices but he not able to access the external hard drive data.

He have send in his external hard drive recovery for free consultation and free diagnosis. Ever Higher data recovery specialist have seek our customer permission to remove his external hard drive casing to further diagnose for it.

External Hard drive recovery

After our diagnosis check, Ever Higher data recovery specialists have find out that our customers external hard drive have been encrypted.

Interest how Ever Higher data recovery specialist assists our customers to retrieve back all his important data? After connect to our data recovery tools,  it shows that the external hard drive cannot be access as it is password protected.

External Hard drive recovery

Let's proceed next stage, at the dialog box, Ever higher data recovery specialist have select “Clear Password”.

External Hard drive system

External Hard drive recovery system

We have disconnect the external hard drive power supply and our data recovery specialist have place a layer of paper in order to stop access direct contact to the main board.

External Hard drive

Under our data recovery tools, it show that the external hard drive read disk setup program is successful.  The external hard disk should be decrypted.

External Hard drive recovery Singapore

Let's us access and see some section of the data in the hard drive.

Free External Hard drive recovery system

Let's us access the data under computer. YahOooo...We have successfully recover 100% of our customer data. The entire process take less than 2 hour.

external hard drive data recovery singapore


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