Huawei P30 Recovery

Huawei Mobile Recovery- Crash

Case description:

As a Singapore Data Recovery Centre, we receive many enquiries regarding phone recovery. Recently, a customer came to our center to diagnose for his android phone and want to retrieve the data. It is a Huawei P30 with storage capacity 256GB. The user accidentally dropped the phone on the road while cycling and a car drove over the phone. The phone was badly damaged and unable to power on anymore. The screen is not lit up and the phone was badly bent and cracked. He tried to power on the phone, but it is not responding and not vibrating at all. The phone contains a lot of important data and he does not use SD card to store the data. All the data were stored on the internal memory of the phone. He tried to charge the phone and power up again, but the phone is still not responding.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to check this phone. The phone is not charging and no current detected. After the detailed check, the board and some of the chips were damaged when the car drove over the phone and it does not work normally anymore. There is a short circuit found on the phone, but data recovery is still possible if the crucial component of the phone is not cracked or damaged. Chip-off data recovery will be possible to retrieve the data from the phone. After the confirmation, we proceed with the recovery, everything went well, and no major issue encountered.


The data recovery is successful, and we managed to recover the data from the phone. The data was not encrypted, and all the recovered data were readable, and no decryption is required. He checked the data and happy that the data were recovered.


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