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We receive a call from clients mentioned that phone failed to boot up. According to our client, photo, video and contact in this phone are needed. Before our client reaches us,  this phone was sent to other third party for data recovery but failed. At first, we are unable to tell the phone condition and we need to assess the phone for root cause failure and whether or not we are able to salvage the data from this phone. Before we ended our conversation, the client decided to bring this phone to our recovery centre to engage our diagnostic services. It takes us 1 business day for in-depth assessment. 


Root Cause Failure:

There is some hardware component failure that causes the phone unable to boot up. We require to disassembling the phone and diagnosis from inner hardware component and the client agreed to proceed with this recovery. 


Action Taken:

First of all Server collected. This phone is disassembled and placed in a specific phone box to prevent from mixed up with the other phone's component. 

The next step is very time consuming as our recovery specialist need to identify the failure component try to access the memory according to their experience and.

Iphone component 2.1

Most importantly,  our data recovery specialist must do their best to maintain the crucial component of the phone to prevent from further damage and data loss. But this could take several days in order to minimize the risk of data loss.



It takes us a few weeks for this recovery. Finally, all data that needed, retrieved successfully, thanks to Ever Higher Recovery Specialist team.




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