iPhone 11 Blackout and Failed to Boot Up

iPhone 11 Unbootable

29 December 2022 – iPhone 11

Initial Cause of Data Loss

The iPhone 11 blackout suddenly and was not able to power on anymore. She tried to connect the phone to the charger and power it on again, but it was still the same, with no display and the screen totally blackout. Initially, she thought it might be a screen issue as the phone gets very warm sometimes. Then, she tried to call and SMS to her phone using another phone, but the calls and SMS were not delivered.

Subsequently, this phone was sent to apple center for a check. Apple center checked and mentioned that the issue is related to the motherboard. The motherboard malfunctioned and not working. They could replace the motherboard, and the phone will be in working condition, but all the data will be gone.

Phones Data Recovery

No current flow is detected when connects the phone to the charger. Our data recovery specialist dismantled the phone and checked, and no watermark was found on the phone. Connect the phone to a DC-regulated power supply, but it is still the same, unbootable, and its battery is fine.

The motherboard of the iPhone malfunctioned, and short circuits were found. Data recovery is possible if the crucial components of the iPhone 11, like the CPU, memory chip, etc... are in working condition. After the confirmation, we proceed with the recovery.

Data Recovery Outcome

The recovery was successful, and all the user data were recovered from the iPhone. The memory chip and CPU are in working condition, and data recovery is successful.


If you have a faulty phone or storage device but need the data from the storage device, try not to attempt a self-DIY as it might damage the crucial components, and data recovery might not be possible anymore. If you need data recovery services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free assessment.

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