iPhone 12 was stuck at the Apple logo

iPhone 12 was stuck at the Apple logo

8th Sept Stuck at Apple Logo data recovery singapore

Case description:

At first, this iPhone 12 was stuck at the Apple logo screen. As a matter of fact, before this failure, the IOS system prompted for deletion of some data because the memory is almost full. Thus, the user tried to manage the phone and clear some space for it. However, the iPhone shut down suddenly. Unfortunately, data is not backup or synced to any cloud service provider.  Moreover, have tried to reboot the phone, but the situation remained the same. Therefore, he reached us and made an appointment for an assessment.

Action (Solution):

Firstly, an ID was created for this phone. Then, our recovery specialist diagnoses the phone to verify the root cause of the failure before recovery. After all things considered, the recovery specialists conclude that the failure is related to a corrupted operating system, it is not related to any hardware failure. In short, recovery is still possible.

Usually, the recovery took 1 to 2 business days. Due to the unexpected events that happened, the recovery took longer than usual. In this case, photos and videos were extracted successfully. Nevertheless, the notes, chat, and contact information was not extractable. So, how was the outcome?

The Outcome

Finally, the iPhone 12 booted up successfully and manage to access the phone. Consequently, data was preserved perfectly, and users can reuse the phone. Of course, If they want to reuse this current iPhone, by all means, they are advised to clear their internal memory. Because the operating system might not at stable condition. In general, suggested deleting data that had been successfully extracted by the recovery tools to make sure there is at least 15% storage space available for the Operating System to operate smoothly.


In conclusion, if you ever encountered the above situation, do not attempt to update it with iTunes continuously. Up to the present time, there are many cases received, the phone was reset after several attempts, and the data was gone. Take the extra step to understand the pros and cons instead of just looking at the pros, it will be too late if the whole phone is reset. Feel free to reach EHDR if you need our assistance.

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