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Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover an iPhone 8 plus (256GB) data. She has been using the iPhone for many years and the memory was very full. She tried to delete some of the apps, photos, and videos to clear out some space, but it is unsuccessful. The phone is getting slower and starts glitching. Subsequently, the phone was stuck on the apple logo. She tried to force restart but was unsuccessful. Then, she visited Apple center for a diagnosis and they mentioned it is related to a memory full issue and error code 14. The only solution is to factory reset the phone, but she has a lot of photos and videos on this iPhone that need to be recovered.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to check the iPhone, it is confirmed that it has error code 14. This is related to a memory full issue. Data recovery will be possible for this case. Upon service acknowledgment, we proceed with the recovery, the recovery time usually is a few days depending on the amount of the data. We managed to recover the data from the iPhone and stored the recovered data on a new external hard drive for her.

The Outcome

She was very happy that all data on the phone were recovered, and the iPhone was successfully restored and reusable.


If you have an iPhone stuck on recovery mode or Apple logo due to memory full or another issue, do not lose hope or reset your iPhone. A few years ago, this issue was not recoverable. But it has now been solved, a breakthrough in the year 2022. Please feel free to contact us if you encountered the above issue. EHDR will assist to diagnose the drive provide a solution if recoverable.

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