iPhone Water Damage

iPhone 8 Plus Water Damaged

iPhone Data Recovery

Initial Cause of Data Loss

This is an accident. The iPhone 8 Plus dropped into the sea. Upon the owner getting his phone out of the water, he shut it down and attempt to dry it. Then, the user put his phone under the sun for an hour, before powering it up. Initially, it power up successfully, and glad that it still working. Sadly, it blackouts shortly. While the phone was blackout, the user felt an abnormal heat generate from this iPhone and was unable to power it on. Additionally, he tries all possible ways like connecting to the charger and following some of the online guides to perform a soft reset, but it doesn’t work at all. In the end, the phone became no response at all.  No heat generated, no logo, no sound, nor vibration.

Phones Data Recovery

During the assessment, our data recovery specialists dismantle the iPhone, and it was salty inside, a lot of salt was inside the iPhone. The watermark is everywhere, and a lot of components were already corroded. The motherboard was damaged by seawater, short circuit. Data recovery is still possible if important chips like memory chips and others are not damaged. After the confirmation with our client, our data recovery specialist proceeds with the cleaning and data recovery.

Data Recovery Outcome

Data recovery was successful, it was lucky that all the important chips of the iPhone were not damaged by the seawater, data recovery was successful. He checked the data and was happy that all the data were there.


If you have a seawater-damaged storage device, it is better to look for a data recovery center to recover the data from the storage device as soon as possible as corrosion often worsens the condition of the device and reduces the chances of recovery. and not wash it with water to try to rinse off the salty seawater.

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