iPhone X-128GB Recovery

iPhone X-128GB Recovery

Case description:

A customer came to our centre to diagnose for his iPhone. It is an iPhone X-128GB. The phone was exposed under the sun in the noon for more than 3 hours, it was a hot day. The moment he realized it, the phone prompted an error message stated about overheated. The phone feels extremely hot. At first, he tried to shut down the phone and keep it out from the sun and move it into a room to lower down the temperature of his phone. The phone then stuck on apple logo and unable to boot up anymore. He tried to charge the phone and tried to connect the phone to the computer, but the phone does not seem to be charging and not detectable by the computer. He tried to hard reset the phone, but it does not help.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to check for the iPhone. The iPhone is not charged when connected to the charger and EHDR specialist suspecting the charging IC is faulty or short circuit. Upon receiving acknowledgment from user, the phone is disabled for in depth assessment and found out that more than one component and chips malfunction, short circuit encountered too. Some of the chips were fried when the iPhone overheated. However, the screen and the battery are in working condition, they are not spoilt. The data recovery will be possible if the CPU / Memory chip and other crucial component are not damaged.

The Outcome

We successfully recover the data from this iPhone. He checked the data and happy that the data were recovered. If you have a faulty device that require any data recovery services, please feel free to contact us, a Singapore Data Recovery Centre at your service.

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