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Experience our seamless and reliable iPhone data recovery service in Singapore. Our expert team is experienced in recovering valuable data from iPhones, ensuring the highest quality of service and results. Whether you’re facing issues because of physical damage, overheating, software glitches, or other unforeseen circumstances, our skilled professionals are dedicated to restoring your crucial data.

With a proven track record and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our iPhone data recovery service in Singapore is the one to trust. Our data recovery specialists are armed with a wealth of experience under their belt, making Ever Higher your unwavering partner that offers comprehensive solutions tailored to iPhone data recovery. Let us guide you through the process of recovering your valuable data.

iPhone X-128GB Recovery Case Study

This case study stands as a testament to our commitment to overcoming complex challenges and recovering data. This intricate case involved an iPhone X-128GB subjected to extreme temperatures, resulting in critical malfunctions. Through meticulous analysis and advanced techniques, our team succeeded in recovering the valuable data the iPhone held.

Case description:

A client visited our service centre with an issue with his iPhone X-128GB. The issue arose after the phone was exposed to direct sunlight for over 3 hours on a particularly hot day. The phone displayed an error message indicating overheating and emitted an intense heat. The initial steps taken by the client included shutting down the phone, moving it to a shaded room to cool down, and attempting to restart it. Then, the iPhone was stuck on the Apple logo during boot-up and became unresponsive. Despite efforts to charge the phone and connect it to a computer, neither action yielded results. The phone did not show signs of charging and remained undetectable by the computer, even after attempting a hard reset.

Action (Solution):

Our data recovery specialist from Ever Higher proceeded to inspect the iPhone. Initial observations revealed that the phone would not charge when connected, which led our specialist to suspect a malfunction or short circuit in the charging IC. Following the client’s agreement, a thorough assessment was conducted, uncovering multiple malfunctioning components and chips, some of which had been damaged due to the previous overheating incident. Notably, the screen and battery remained functional and undamaged. The potential for data recovery hinged on the condition of vital components like the CPU/memory chip.

The Outcome

Through diligent efforts, we managed to successfully retrieve data from the affected iPhone. The client verified the recovered data and expressed satisfaction with the outcome. If you find yourself with a malfunctioning device requiring data recovery services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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