iPhone XS Dropped and Blackout

iPhone XS Cannot Power On

16 February 2023 – iPhone XS

Initial Cause of Data Loss

Losing valuable data from your phone can be a nightmare, especially if you have no backup of your data. In this case, a customer's iPhone XS suddenly blacked out after being dropped. Although it could power on initially, it eventually stopped working. The customer could not retrieve any data from the device. The customer sent the iPhone XS to our service center for inspection, hoping to retrieve her valuable data.

Phones Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialists quickly dismantled the iPhone during the assessment, and no watermarks were found on the motherboard. The screen and the battery were tested and are in working condition. However, it was determined that the issue was due to a motherboard malfunction suspected to have been caused by the drop. The customer was relieved that data recovery was possible if the crucial chips, like the CPU and memory chips, were not damaged.

Data Recovery Outcome

After confirming with the client, our data recovery team proceeded with the recovery process. We could recover all the data, including photos, videos, notes, and WhatsApp data. The recovery process took around 4 days. The client was pleased with the outcome, as all the data was retrieved successfully.


It is important to note that if you have a faulty mobile phone, it is advisable to look for an official service center for a diagnostic. Improper removal or repair may cause further damage to the device, making recovery impossible. In this case, our team was able to successfully recover the data because the customer sought professional help from our service center.

In conclusion, phone data recovery is essential, especially when you have valuable data on your device. If you encounter a similar problem, seek professional help immediately to increase your chances of successful data recovery. Our team is always ready to assist you with your data recovery needs.

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