iPhone XS Stuck at Apple Logo

iPhone XS Keeps Restarting After Inserting Pin

25 August 2022 – iPhone XS Data Recovery Singapore

Case description:

To begin with, the iPhone XS was stuck at the iPhone login screen in the first place. Subsequently, it manages to boot up. Then, when he entered the pin to unlock the screen, this iPhone restarted and went back to the login screen. In fact, the user tried a few attempts, even powering off the phone. Even so, it remained the same. In addition, he tried to enter the wrong password and it prompted an incorrect pin. However, the phone did not restart by itself. In this situation, the user confirmed that the pin is correct, phone restarted itself when accessing the home screen. Afterward, he went to the mobile repair shop to try to fix this error. The phone repair center dissembles the phone for repair. After all, the problem remains the same.

Action (Solution):

Firstly, the data recovery specialist dismantles the phone for assessment. Additionally, they found that some of the chips and screws were already missing. Moreover, The motherboard of the iPhone XS had a two-layer design, and they were desoldered and resoldered previously. Furthermore, Short circuits were found, and the regulated power supply doesn’t move up. However, since the iPhone still manages to power on, most likely that the essential chips like CPU, Memory chips and others are original components.  As can be seen, data recovery is still possible. Then, details were provided and the data recovery specialist proceed to recover the data with the user's acknowledgment.

The Outcome

In summary, our data recovery specialist managed to recover the data from the iPhone. Lastly, all the data were saved into an external HDD for him. 


As shown above, if you ever encountered the above situation, please take extra precautions if you are following the online solution or reaching out to any repair center. In other words, if your concern is all about your data, do not use the same method when it failed. Ultimately, some circumstances might make it unrecoverable. In fact, EHDR Centre received cases in which user lost their data permanently after following the online solution without knowing the pros and cons. Feel free to reach EHDR if you need our assistance.

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