Kingston CompactFlash (CF Card 32GB) Disconnected While Recording Videos

Kingston CompactFlash (Prompted "No Storage Drive Detected")

30 June 2022 – CF Card

Case description:

A customer contacted us to help to recover data from her CF card. The CF card was used on her Canon 5D. The CF card disconnected suddenly while recording videos. She tried to restart the camera, but it prompts “no storage drive detected”. She ejects and reinserts the CF card again but it’s still the same. She tried to read the CF card on her laptop with a CF card reader, but it is still inaccessible, she has also tried with a different computer like Windows PC. She has her client’s video files on the card that needs to be recovered.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery assesses the CF card. Hardware failure causes it inaccessible and data recovery is possible if the memory chips are not damaged. After the confirmation with her, we proceed with the recovery and chip off the four memory chips on the CF card. Our data recovery engineer carefully removed all the memory chips from the CF card following the correct procedure and method. Any mishandling during the chip-off recovery process might damage the memory chip. After the chip is taken off, data were extracted from the memory chips. Our recovery specialist will go through the data correction and decoding process. This process is very crucial because if it failed, all data will not be readable.

The Outcome

The data recovery is successful, and all the video files are valid and playable. The audio and video are working and properly synced. She is happy with the result of the recovery.


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