Lite-on Solid State Drive 512GB Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Lite-on SSD 512GB from a business company.

Lite-On Solid State Drive 512GB in Singapore

According to customer description. This SSD was used in the company laptop and fail to boot up. As this is a company laptop, which contains a lot of important and confidential stuff. The customer needs it urgently. He had searched through Google and willing to find us to recover data due to our good reputation in Google review.

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist, he uses multitester to measure the dipole. An unexpected result found, most of the component was in short-circuit. See the picture below

Lite-On Solid State Drive 512GB in Singapore

There is an obvious burnt mark found on the power chip. And the PCB Board and main controller (CPU) was also short-circuiting. To recover the data, we need a donor part and perform a chip-off data recovery service.

Lite-On Solid State Drive 512GB in Singapore

Our specialist transfers the 4-memory chip to the donor SSD. Plugs to the recovery software. This time the status was able to get ready. All the firmware was accessible. So, he using an image disk to transfer the data over.


Finally, we managed to recover all the customer data. And our customer was surprised and appreciate that we can help him recover the data back. And willing to recommend our service to his friends.

Lite-On Solid State Drive 512GB in Singapore

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