MacBook Pro 2017 Data Recovery

MacBook Pro 2017 Recovery

Case description:

A MacBook pro user come to EHDR seeking for help. According to this customer, his MacBook unable to boot up since the circuit breaker started. It has no symptom before this failure. Normally, user will shut the operating system down at the end of the day and reboot on the next day. But he never expects this problem happen. All his important data are stored in this MacBook and he want his data back, varies attempt was made to start it up but failed. We received his call and an appointment arranged for him to drop by our recovery centre for assessment.


MacBook Pro 2017

Action (Solution):

Our data recovery specialist took a day to assess the NAND Flash Chips of this MacBook in the first place. There no short circuit found of the chips and our recovery specialist concluded recovery of data from this MacBook NAND Flash Chips is possible. An assessment result provided to the user indicating the condition and the possibility of recovery. He confirmed the services as soon as he received the assessment result.

The Outcome

Our recovery specialist took 5 to 7 business day access and retrieve all available data from this NAND Flash Chips. 99% of the sectors recovered successfully. As we do not know what were saved by this user, online remote access section was arranged with him. Overall, minor data were affected, but user is still satisfied with the outcome of recovery.


There are internal memory chips that seal on the motherboard directly. In order to increase the success rate of recovery, please do not boot up the window if you encountered the same problem as this user to prevent it from further damage. Lastly, Feel free to contact us or click here for any enquiry.  EHDR team will advise accordingly because we care.

EHDR, we left no data behind.


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