MacBook Pro A1707 Unbootable

MacBook Pro A1707 Blackout Suddently and Unbootable

Macbook Data Recovery

Initial Cause of Data Loss

A customer contacted us to recover data from her MacBook Pro A1707. Her MacBook stopped working a few weeks ago. It blacked out suddenly when she was working on the MacBook. She thought it was because of a battery issue. Then, she plugged in the power adapter and tried to power it on again. Unfortunately, there was no response at all. After that, she waited for half an hour and tried to power it on again, but it was still the same. Subsequently, the user visited the apple center to check on the battery because the cover was bloated and open. That is why suspecting the battery died, causing Macbook not to power on. They checked and mentioned to her that the battery was not in good condition but somehow still working. The issue with the MacBook Pro is motherboard failure. The broken motherboard must be replaced, and all the data will not be available. She has a lot of photos, videos, and work data on the MacBook that needs to be recovered.

Macbook Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialist checked the MacBook, and they confirmed that a motherboard issue caused it to become unbootable. The SSD of the MacBook is built-in on the motherboard and cannot be removed, and MacBook Pro A1707 comes with hardware encryption. For recovery to succeed, we must remove the NAND Flash chips.   

Data Recovery Outcome

Our data recovery specialist managed to recover the data from her MacBook, and we transferred the recovered data to an external hard drive for her. She checked through all the data and was happy that all the data were recovered.


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