Mediasonic ProRaid – 8 x 6TB HDD

Mediasonic ProRaid

Case description:

We received a call from a customer, mentioned that she cannot access his Mediasonic ProRaid (8x 6TB WD, 3.5” HDD). It was set up since years ago with RAID 50. The Raidbox been running ever since she brought it until she failed to access her storage. It is undetectable by her PC and laptop. The lights are blinking and the fan is still working normally. She tried to change the cables, but it is still inaccessible. She requested for on-site assessment service and we have made an arrange with this client.

Action (Solution):

Our client service officer recorded her drive details and address through the call. Upon confirmation of date and time, EHDR’s recovery specialist went on-site with an appropriate tool for the assessment. Our specialist checked through all the 8 hard drives, there are more than one HDD had hardware issues and all other HDDs were degraded.

An on-site assessment report provided with complete finding. She agreed to proceed with the recovery and sent the whole device over to our Singapore recovery centre. HDDs with hardware failure went through the recovery in Cleanroom and all data were cloned. EHDR specialist rebuilt the RAID structure from the cloned drive to salvage all available data.

The Outcome

We managed to recover the data from all this RAID storage. The whole process took about 2 weeks (Why does RAID recovery take time?). Our client checked the data and mentioned that all data is recovered. Glad that the data is not affected when the HDDs failed.


As a Singapore data recovery centre, we understand that some clients require on-site assessment service due to privacy concern, especially the company. On-site assessment is provided by EHDR. Upon confirmation, EHDR’s recovery specialist will prepare the appropriate tool for the assessment. Please do not hesitate to contact us to acquire more about on-site assessment service.

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