NAND Flash Chip Data Recovery- Dell Motherboard

Dell Laptop Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose his personal’s Dell laptop. One day when he tried to power on the laptop, and it failed to boot up. There are nothing shows by the screen. He went to Dell service centre for assessment, and they mentioned that the motherboard failure causes it unable to boot up. Motherboards need to be replaced if he wants to use the laptop again. He does not know that his data will all be gone and decided to claim the warranty. After the service done, he realized that all data is gone and immediately called Dell to verify the situation. According to the Dell service centre, the memory chip is sealed on the surface of the previous motherboard, and it cannot be removed. New motherboard come with new NAND Flash memory chips, which meant that his data still available in his old motherboard. Then, he manages to get his motherboard back for recovery purposes with limited time frame.

Action (Solution):

Our data recovery specialist checked the chips on the motherboard and found out that data recovery is still possible, as the chips is still available. Upon acknowledgement of service, our recovery specialist carefully chip-off the chips from the motherboard for recovery purposes. The chip is not damaged, and we successfully access into it for data extraction.

The Outcome

Our specialist manages to recover the data successfully. It was extracted and saved into a new external hard drive for our client. He checked the data and glad the data needed is recovered.


If you have a faulty motherboard which memory chips is seal on it, it is best to approach Singapore data recovery centre for assessment and recovery. As motherboard failure, the memory NAND Flash memory chip that holds your data is very sensitive, any false action might cause the data lost completely. Act wisely, be the saviour of your data.

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