None Detect Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

We receive a call from one of our customer regard her son laptop is not able to start up and she want to recover all the laptop data.

All the laptop data consists all her son hard work which require for submission on final school project. She have reach the laptop repair center to request for service. Unfortunately, engineer not able to retrieve and advice her to look for the data recovery service. 

Ever Higher data recovery specialist has request her permission to access her laptop. We have take out the laptop hard disk to connect to our data recovery tools to further diagnoses the root cause of the hard disk failure.

data recovery for laptop

laptop data recovery service

Under our data recovery tools, we realize the hard drive model is not readable and capacity of hard drive show 0. This is a typical error for Toshiba / Hitachi / HGST hard drive.

laptop data recovery service

In order to make the hard drive readable under our data recovery tools, our data recovery specialists backup the laptop hard drive firmware and perform SMART clear  under the laptop hard drive.

data recovery for laptop

After perform the SMART clear under the laptop hard drive, hard drive model/serial number and capacity is now recognised under our data recovery tools. 

data recovery for laptop

Laptop Hard drive partition is opened now. Guess what? all our customers laptop data is back.

laptop data recovery service ever higher

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