OnePlus 6 Won’t Turn On

OnePlus 6 Can't Turn On

9 June 2022 – OnePlus 6

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data for his OnePlus 6. The phone stopped working around a few months ago, unable to power on anymore. He tried to connect to the charger, but it is not responding, no logo, no vibration at all. The OnePlus phone died suddenly, with no water damage or dropped. He visited many other centers to retrieve the data from the phone, but all of them told him that the eMMC chips were inaccessible and unreadable, and data are not recoverable. He explains all these situations to us through calls. We do not hope to provide any false assumptions to our clients as do not want to give any false hope to him. Subsequently, he made an appointment with us for an assessment.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist dismantles the OnePlus phone with user consent. During the assessment, our specialist identified the issue of the phone. While we disassemble the phone, there is neither abnormal heat nor short circuits, but the phone isn’t responding when pressed on the power button. The OnePlus 6 is using UFS chip. Data recovery is possible if crucial chips such as the CPU, memory chips, and others are not damaged. Chip-off data recovery was applied for this case, our data recovery engineer carefully removed the chips from the motherboard for data recovery.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful and manage to recover all the data from the phone. We contacted our customer for data checking, he was very happy that all the data were recovered. All the data were transferred to a thumb drive for him.


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