Pegasus NAS

Pegasus NAS RAID 5

Case description:

A customer came to us with a Promise Technology, Pegasus R4, 4-bay NAS machine with 4TB HGST external hard disk for data recovery services. The NAS machine was setup as RAID 5 system. The drive was working fine until one day, when she tried to connect the NAS but it cannot be connected due to the volume wasn’t mounted. From the software interface of the Pegasus R4, it’s able to detect all four hard drive and it’s all in OK status. She did some diagnose and tried to mount them again but still unsuccessful. It prompts some error messages and ask whether if want to reformat the NAS, she did not reformat as all the data would be lost. The storage device contains about 11TB of her work and she does not have any backup for those data.

Action (Solution):

After the registration and we proceed with the diagnosis for all the hard drives. After the diagnosis, we confirmed that the drives are physically working, and health is in good condition, there is no hardware component issue for the drive. From our recovery machine, we detected about 11TB of data from all the hard drive, all the data are still intact, but the drive could not mount. The data recovery will be possible. After we receive the confirmation from the customer, we proceed with the recovery. We cloned all four hard drives, and data recovery were done on the cloned drive to avoid any data loss from the client’s drive. After the clone, we reconstructed the RAID system and begin the data extraction process.


The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from all four hard drives. She checked the data and happy that it is complete, and all data were recovered.



For storage devices undetectable or unable to mount, do not reformat the drive if you need the data from the device as it will wipe off all the data from the drive. Feel free to reach us here. Find out more about our success stories.

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