Qnap NAS Data Recovery Singapore

Qnap NAS Data Recovery Service Singapore

Problem Description:

QNAP NAS was configured as RAID6 with double parity. Customer has tried to take out the all the NAS Hard Disks and connected them to PC. After reinsert all disks, the existing RAID volume was gone or missing.

Qnap NAS data recovery service

Before proceed to start the NAS data recovery process, Ever Higher data recovery specialist clone all the individual hard disk.

All the analysis & NAS data recovery work will be done on the cloned disks instead of our customers NAS hard disks.

Qnap NAS data recovery service 3

As there is no physical damage on the individual hard disks after we have clone all the hard disks.

The reason for data loss is likely to be user misoperation. So Ever Higher data recovery speacialist perform a zero analysis first, and get the following result

Qnap NAS data recovery service 3

Disk4 shows different zero ratio. As 1 disk missing does affect the consistency for RAID6. So we have to exclude it from the RAID.

After calculating the disk order, block size, and parity. We know the raid 6 structure as
Beginning sector :9439232
Block size:128 sectors
Left synchronous

Qnap NAS data recovery service 3

Raid 6 configured with our data recovery applications r-studio and data is shown

Qnap NAS data recovery service 3

All the documents can be readable and we manage to recover 100% of the data for our Customer. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.


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