QNAP NAS TS-219P RAID 1 Data Recovery

Reinitialized QNAP NAS TS-219P

11th Aug Qnap TS-219P Data Recovery Singapore

Case description:

This QNAP NAS TS-219P was set as RAID 1 but unbootable. It was set up by an IT person who has left. The owner trying to access this NAS, but the track record of this NAS is not available. Have connected with the service center and followed some of the instructions given online but ended up the NAS re-initialized itself and all the data was deleted. Subsequently, it became unbootable after the process was completed. RAID 1 structure is configured and both drives should be holding the same data. According to the storage pool status, drive 2 is invalid, and drive 1 is still physically working. It does not explain why the NAS fails to boot up. To prevent the data from further damage, the NAS was shut down and kept aside without booting it up.

Action (Solution):

The whole NAS was sent to our recovery canter for assessment. Both drives were taken out and connected to our recovery machine to verify their condition. Drive 1 shows that HDD is degraded and drive 2 is facing hardware failure. Based on the available info, RAID 1 structure was verified. Recovery is done on drive 1 as it has the highest chance to recover most of the data.

The Outcome

Fortunately, the data recovery was successfully done and contacted our client for data checking, they are satisfied with the outcome. All recovered data were transferred to an external hard disk and prepared for their collection.


If you have a phone or any faulty NAS storage devices, DO NOT follow online instructions blindly, and try not to reboot it too many times. You may cause it to re-initialize and this will make the situation worst if your internal HDD is facing hardware failure. please feel free to contact us for a free assessment if needed.

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