Qnap Network Attached Storage Recovery

Qnap- 2 bays NAS Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose QNAP Network-Attached Storage (NAS), 2 Bay with 2x Seagate 4TB hard disk. The QNAP NAS suddenly became inaccessible. They tried to restart the NAS and their computers but remained the same. The lights on this NAS are blinking normally. Subsequently, they connect the NAS via ethernet cable and resetting the ID and password, but it’s still inaccessible. There are many documents and work files in this NAS which needed by their company. The NAS had not been monitoring since the first day they use it. iT was set up as RAID 1 – Mirror both drives were synchronized.

Action (Solution):

As a Singapore Data Recovery Centre, data recovery specialist assists to diagnose both if the hard drives. When connected to our machine, the data sectors Inaccessible and the health of these two hard drives had degraded. It can still be powered up and the spindle motor of the drive spins up successfully, but the r/w heads of the drive were faulty and that causes it to fail to access the data sectors from these hard disks. After the confirmation with our client, we proceed with the recovery by replacing the faulty read/write heads in the cleanroom for data extraction. The NAS was set up as RAID 1, so data recovery will be done on a one drive. The hard drive was cloned for data recovery purposes in case if the first recovery attempt failed, the second attempt will still be possible.   

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from the hard drive. They checked the data and happy that all the data were recovered.


If you have a faulty NAS and inaccessible to the data on the NAS, it is best to power off the NAS to avoid further damage and data loss.

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