Quantum Fireball Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Quantum Fireball 3.5-inch 2.1GB Hard Disk from a customer.

Quantum Fireball Data Recovery Service In Singapore

According to customer description, this was an old type hard disk, and the customer uses it for Windows System, and it was installed with Windows NT.

The system was slow when opening files and folders, and sometimes customer encounters an auto shutdown problem.  So, he wants to change a new hard disk with all the data inside.

Quantum Fireball Data Recovery Service In Singapore

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist first receive this hard disk, he plugs the hard disk into the data recovery tools and found out the hard disk status dropped to 49%, this means the hard disk was unstable, and the hardware may fail anytime, so, fortunately, user had released the problem and immediately send the hard disk down and let our data recovery specialist clone his data out.

To copy the system data over to a new hard disk, we cannot just simply copy and paste over, as the system will not recognize the setting, causing the failure. So, we need to perform a sector by sector clone to make it a bootable hard disk.

After cloning. We ask the customer to insert the hard disk to his original pc and test the result, and everything runs smoothly.

Quantum Fireball Data Recovery Service In Singapore


We manage to recovery 100% of customer data.

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