RAID 6 Server Data Recovery

Data Recovery: Salvaging Vital Information from a RAID 6 Server with 30 HGST 3.5" 6TB Hard Disk Drives

RAID 6 Server Recovery

In the heart of corporate data centres, where information is paramount, unforeseen challenges can disrupt operations. A recent case saw a company in distress reaching out to us for the urgent recovery of their server comprising 30 HGST 3.5" 6TB hard disk drives. They are hardware failures and inaccessible data due to RAID 6 configuration issues.

Diagnosing the Challenge

Our dedicated recovery team made a meticulous diagnosis, revealing that three HDDs had experienced hardware failure. At the same time, the remaining units were slightly degraded but still operational. The RAID configuration had been corrupted due to the number of failed drives; it failed the reconstruction of the RAID structure.

Hard Disk Recovery Triumph

Undeterred by the complexity, we extracted data from the hardware failure drives, meticulously restored the RAID structure, and recovered almost all the data. Despite the unexpected intricacies that extended the estimated completion date, the outcome proved highly satisfactory. An online data verification session further affirmed the accuracy and completeness of the recovered files, providing immense relief to the client.

Safeguarding Recovered Data

Understanding the critical nature of the recovered data, we transferred it to hard drives provided by the client for immediate backup. This additional step offered peace of mind and served as a crucial safeguard against potential future data mishaps.

Expert Suggestions for Hard Disk Recovery

While RAID 6 provides robust data protection, it's essential to complement it with proper backup procedures and proactive monitoring to ensure the highest data safety and accessibility for your server or NAS setup. Contacting professional hard disk recovery services is crucial for a successful recovery journey in unexpected data loss.


In the intricate landscape of corporate data management, unforeseen challenges may arise. However, successful data recovery is achievable with the right expertise and professional guidance in hard disk recovery. Your business-critical data deserves the utmost care, and we are here to navigate the complexities and guide you through any data recovery journey you may encounter. If you require expert data recovery services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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