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iPhone 13 stuck at the Apple Logo

28 July 2022 iPhone stuck at Apple Logo- Data Recovery Singapore

Case description:

The iPhone 13 was stuck at the Apple logo. According to what had been described by the user, her phone memory was almost full, there was a message prompting the “iPhone Storage Full” user need to free up some space. As all the data have no backup, data deleted action was made at minimum effort just for the iPhone to have enough storage for daily usage. Unfortunately, this iPhone was stuck on the Apple logo after leaving overnight. It was working well a few days ago. Tried to update using iTunes and some online solutions, but nothing works. For iPhone that is stuck at the Apple logo, it might cause by either hardware failure or a corrupted operating system. The iPhone had sent over to our center for verification purposes.

Action (Solution):

During the assessment, our data recovery specialists are required to check on the failure code of this device. The verification process is very important because the recovery specialist will need to identify the error categories and advise suitable solutions based on the acquired error to maximize the chances of recovery. The assessment shows that the operating system failed due to memory overload. Recovery is possible as we have an appropriate tool to extract the data from this iPhone.

The Outcome

Our data recovery specialist managed to recover the data from this iPhone 13. Extracted data was saved into an external HDD for the user and the outcome is positive.


If you ever encountered the above situation, please do take extra precautions while following the online solution, if your concern is all about your data. Do not continue or retry the same method when it failed, some scenarios might make it unrecoverable. We had received a case in which the phone reset/formatted while following an online solution and data is lost permanently. Feel free to reach EHDR if you need our assistance.

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