Rejected Case-its Toshiba MQ01UBD100 1TB hard drive

PCD Burnt

Case description:

A client returned to us for recovery after visiting another recovery centre for an initial check-up. As the hard drive had left our centre, we need to re-diagnose its Toshiba MQ01UBD100 1TB hard drive.

Initially, the hard drive stopped working, it is detectable with the disk utility of MacOS, but unable to access the data. When he attempts to mount and access the hard drive, it prompts an error and requested him to either Initialize, Ignore, or Eject the hard drive.

Assessment (Solution):

During our second assessment, we noticed that there was a burn mark on the PCB board. It was not the same when he first visited our centre. There are chips on the other surface of this PCB board. Our recovery specialist diagnoses it further and found that the ROM (Read-only memory) was damaged and burned. The ROM is one of the critical components for data recovery, each hard drive carries a 100% unique ROM.

The Outcome

The original problem with this drive was read/write heads were faulty, It is supposed to be recoverable. However, since the ROM has been damaged, recovery is impossible. The recovery will only be possible with the backup of the ROM, and we have no other choice but to reject his case.


ROM usually stores firmware which is a unique identity for the hard drive. Apart from hard drive platters, ROM is one of the key factors to affect the success rate of recovery. Make sure you have visited a reputable data recovery centre in Singapore if your data is crucial to you.

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