Samsung 2.5 inch IDE Port Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Samsung 2.5 inch IDE Port Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Samsung 2.5inch 80GB IDE HDD from a customer, this hard disk was old in the market. While our data recovery specialists team have more than 8 year experiences to salvage difference kind of hard disk drive recovery service. As per normal procedures, we understand the entire hard disk condition before we further asses the failure of hard disk failure.

Samsung 2.5 hdd data recovery service in Singapore

According to customer description, when he tries to access this HDD using his computer, the HDD was not responding, and the HDD contains important data, thus he seeks help from our data recovery service.

Samsung 2.5 hdd data recovery service in Singapore

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher data recovery specialist first receives this hard disk, he plugs in the hard disk to our data recovery tools, tries to analyze the issue. The disk is not spin when he turns on the power supply. At that moment, our data recovery specialist suspects that the PCB board failure, so he decides to take out the PCB board for further analysis.

Open taking out the PCB board, our data recovery specialist examines the whole component had found out that the pin of memory chip had not solder properly, which means this hard disk had been sent to other data recovery center and the engineer there had not done a proper soldering job. Thus, causing the short circuit, which results in the hard disk not able to start up.

Samsung 2.5 hdd data recovery service in Singapore

After our data recovery specialist had re-soldering the pin properly, this time the hard disk is working as per normal, so he had cloned all the data out from that hard disk and transfer to another external hard disk as that hard disk is quite old, we had suggested the customer change a new hard disk to prevent any issue happen in future.


All the important documents were found and readable, and the customer was happy for our service and willing to recommend to his friends. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.

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