Samsung 840 Evo SSD Data Recovery

Data Recovery for Spoiled SSD HDD

One of our Customer sent in his laptop with SSD HDD that is unable to boot into the window and he have all his important works files.

ssd sent from the customer for repair

We have assist to unplug the hard disk from his laptop and connect it to the external casing and it still unable to be detected when plugged in to any PC. Our customer have engage our data recovery services.


Our data recovery speacilist place the spoiled SSD HDD onto a PCB card. After that We make a terminal connection by short circuiting wires onto the PC USB Terminal. We then connect the PC USB terminal to PC to read the entire SSD HDD.

we connect the SSD card to a PC USB Terminal

After Scanning the Memory Chip, our data recovery specialist find the corresponding model and component no of the SSD.

using data recovery tool we select the corresponding model and part

Next, our data recovery specialist want to boot the Memory Chip of SSD in SAFE MODE in order we can further work on the next steps of the data recovery service

Our data recovery specialist have mange use our data recovery software to boot the SSD HDD on Safe Mode


Perform a scan on the Memory chip using the data recovery software to check if you can read the contents of the SSD HDD card …’s a success!

you will need to boot the SSD using safe mode as shown by the image

Now we still need to repair the “Translator” to be able to read the data inside the SSD HDD.

After that you can run the data recovery tool to collect information about the firmware

After several hour, our data recovery specailist have successful repair of the SSD HDD “Translator”.

The data can be read and copied out. The files and folders have now been recovered!! 

after repairing the translator and running a scan we can now recover the files and folders of the customer

SSD data recovery service singapore

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