Samsung Note Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

We received another data recovery case on Samsung note8+ mobile phone recovery.
According to the customer description that the mobile phone totally dead (unable to power on) . The phone keeps restarting by itself.

The customer had sent in her handphone to many phone repair shops and official service centres without much success and all of them recommend replacing the motherboard. However, replacing a new motherboard on the spoiled handphone would mean loss of all her data stored at handphone.

Important file:
The Phone storage contains all Contact lists in the phone, photo in the gallery, Samsung note, Voice recording, WhatsApp message.

Action Taken:

Consultation team:

Collected the phone and taken out the SIM card and label with the case number. Record down all relevant information.

Data Recovery Specialist team :

After dissembling the handphone into its respective components, remove the integrated circuit (IC) or microchip which is the individual part which is stored the important files and folders inside the handphone took extra caution and care to ensure would not further damage to the microchip on logical board.

After successfully taking out the microchip, we proceed to scan the extracted out the data from the phone storage.


Our team managed to retrieve the data successfully. The customer was happy and drop her truthful reviews to appreciate all the hard work that Ever Higher data recovery team make it possible and recovered all the important data.

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