Samsung Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Samsung Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Samsung 2.5-inch 250GB Portable Hard Disk from a customer.

Samsung 2.5inch Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

According to customer description, this hard disk has been used for 5 years. recently the hard disk was dropped down from desk accidentally. when she tried to plug into a computer again, the disk management cannot detect it and there is a clicking sound coming out from the hard disk.

Action to be taken:

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist had handled a lot of such case. Our data specialist does a check of external enclosure, make sure the USB port is not spoiled.

Samsung 2.5inch Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

After that Our specialist open the enclosure and plugs in the disk into our recovery tool. The symptom shows the hard disk is making a clicking sound. Our specialist confirms that the Read/Write Head faulty, he needs to send the disk into a clean room to replace the faulty R/W Head

After replacement of W/R Head, our specialist plugs the disk into the recovery tool again, this time there is no clicking sound identified, but when reading the service area of the disk, it was slow, so our specialist does a repair of the firmware. Now everything was smooth, so our specialist can start cloning the user data out to the backup disk.


Finally, we manage to recover all the customer data, and he was happy for our service and willing to leave a truthful review about our service. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all her data back.

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